Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three posts in two days? This could get messy...

There's another post in my brain, so I'm going to set it free. According to that old rule: if it comes back to me, I get to keep it!

I like a bunch of random shit, which is like saying I love breathing. Everyone does, except for ghosts n stuff - they tend to be dead. And you know, when you find something so great that you wish you had thought of it first? Like post-it notes or Dyson vacuums? Here's my Dyson vacuum: Hark! A Vagrant which is written by a person called K. Beaton.

I 'discovered' this comic after it was briefly mentioned in an XKCD rollover. Call me the Christopher Columbus of the internet; I don't find it first... but by golly, I find it loudest. And this discovery is a doozy, mainly because of how much it makes me giggle like an idiot.

My personal favourite, that I've sent to anyone and everyone I've spoken to in the past three days (ok, so that's like only 503 of my closest friends because printing it out and putting it on my door doesn't count as a person).

Bask in its majesty.

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