Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alright here goes...

So this site was borne of the need to update family and friends about my progress over in England. I was leaving home for the first time, and it seemed like an easy way to keep everyone in the loop about my amazing adventures and shit.

Evidently, though, I never got around to updating the damn thing - what with Facebook and Myspace and Beebo and Friendster, it all seemed a little redundant.

However, for various reasons I've decided to take another crack at the whole 'blogging' thing.

So! What will I 'blog' about? Whatever I feel like! If I find a cool song? blogged. If I find a video that strikes my fancy? blogged. If I have a rant about something? blogged. And so on and so on until I run out of steam.

To get this party started, I'd like to start with a song. I'm a big fan of Björk (big surprise there... mildly educated white people LOVE shit like her), to the point where I sometimes say her name as 'bee-york' and not 'buh-jork'. I'm also totally gay for Drum and Bass, which sounds like an unlikely thing to mention in the same breath. But wait!

In the past year, Björk crafted a song with Thom Yorke called Náttúra, which is all sorts of crazy. Then, a guy named Switch remixed it, and did a pretty good job. THEN a guy called Sub Focus used it in his Essential Mix back in April of this year.

Then! I heard it.

Now, you get to hear it, too. You're welcome.

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Haz and Fizz said...

Sure you don't want to write mine for me as well? I'll supply pretty photos of girlies in pretty dresses for you to write about :P